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What are custom user attributes?

Your user object is constructed of the user's key, standard attributes, and custom attributes. The users key is not optional, but the following standard attributes are all optional:

  • email: Must be a string representing the user's e-mail address.
  • firstName: Must be a string. 
  • lastName: Must be a string.
  • name: Must be a string. You can search for users on the User page by name
  • avatar: Must be an absolute URL to an avatar image for the user.
  • ip: Must be an IP address.
  • country: Must be a string representing the country associated with the user.
  • anonymous: Must be a boolean. Prevents the users attributes from being transmitted to the events endpoint, and prevents the user from showing up on the dashboard.

Custom attributes can contain any other user data that you would like to use to conditionally target your users. Custom attributes are provided in the users object. Here is an example user object which contains custom user attributes:

"firstName": "Bob" "custom":{ "groups":[ "google", "microsoft" ] } }
You can read more about targeting users by their standard and/or custom attributes here:
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