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Mitigating deployment risk

Using LaunchDarkly’s feature flags, you can separate feature rollout from code deployment, allowing you to slowly rollout a feature to a small percentage or subset of users in what is often referred to as a “canary release.” Canary launches allow you to quickly identify issues that might impact your entire user base, roll back easily to a known good version, and fix the issues in a controlled environment. The net result is a better product for all.

Canary releases, also called “soft launches,” give you the confidence to deploy. By giving you the control to roll out a feature and pull it back with minimum public attention, you can release something risky with the least possible fanfare.

You can also perform these types of releases during regular business hours. Gone is the Saturday 3 am deploy to ensure you disrupt as few users as possible. That is the power of feature flags. With LaunchDarkly, you can deploy a feature to 1% of your users on a Friday afternoon, wrapped in a feature flag. If something bad happens, it’s no problem. You can just flip the switch and the feature would be rolled back with only 1% of your users experiencing a few seconds of inconvenience.

In summary, with a completely scalable platform like LaunchDarkly, you can easily roll out features, see the reaction on your users, and either continue rollout or completely shut off.

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