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Team management

If you're an admin for your LaunchDarkly account, your Account Settings page will include a Team tab. Here, you can invite new team members to LaunchDarkly, remove old team members, or manage access controls for team members by setting roles.

LaunchDarkly has several different roles for team members:

  • Readers— readers can see anything in LaunchDarkly, but can’t modify any data. This role is perfect for members of your organization that need visibility into your feature flags, but shouldn’t be able to modify rollout rules, or administer the system. Readers do not have access to view the account level access token.
  • Writers— writers can modify feature flags, goals, environments and more. They can’t add new team members to the account, or manage your payment method or plans.
  • Admins / owners— admins and owners have the same level of access. The owner role cannot be deleted.

If you need more fine-grained access controls, check out our Custom roles feature, available for Enterprise customers.

Read more about managing teams in our documentation.

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