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The Debugger: Real-time feature flag events

The debugger helps you test whether you've set up LaunchDarkly correctly. From the debugger, you can see your users' feature flag requests and events in real-time.

You can access the debugger from the sidebar. The debugger must be the active tab in its browser window in order for events to appear. You can have a second window open with your application, if you need to click around in your app in order to generate events.

Please note that in high-volume environments, the events sent to the debugger may be sampled. When this happens, you will see a subset of events on the debugger, instead of every event.

The debugger is helpful for troubleshooting that you're successfully sending events to LaunchDarkly and is not intended as a source of truth for the variations your users are receiving. The debugger displays real-time events only and does not keep a historical record of this data. 

Read more about the debugger in our documentation.

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