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What happens if the SDK loses connectivity to LaunchDarkly?

The SDK relies on its stored state to evaluates flags. By default the SDK first initializes with an empty state. When the SDK first initializes, it opens a streaming connection to LaunchDarkly. The initial response from LaunchDarkly contains the SDKs current state. The SDK will then keep this streaming connection open and when any change is made in the LaunchDarkly dashboard or via the Rest API, LaunchDarkly will send these changes to all currently connected SDKs.

If the SDK ever loses connectivity to LaunchDarkly then it will continue attempting to establish a streaming connection until it succeeds. If you try to evaluate a flag before the SDK receives its initial state, or you try to fetch a flag which otherwise doesn't exist, then the SDK will return the fallback value. All SDKs provide synchronous (through blocking and/or polling) and asynchronous ways of waiting for the SDKs state to initialize.

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