• I want to cancel my account subscription

    We're sorry to see you go. To cancel your subscription, you can contact your Account Executive or email support@launchdarkly.com

    If you are looking to delete a trial account that has no subscription, you may wish to reference the following knowledgebase article here.

  • How do I connect to my team’s LaunchDarkly account?

    If your team already has a LaunchDarkly account, a team member with invite privileges (typically an owner or admin) must send you an email invitation to join the team. Once you receive the invitation, follow the sign up instructions and you will be automatically added to your team’s account.

    If your company uses an Identity Provider to manage access via SAML SSO, you will need to log in for the first time from the IdP in order to provision your account. You may find it helpful to reference the following knowledgebase article: Adding new team members with SSO/SAML

    If you have an existing LaunchDarkly trial account and want to use that email address to join your team, please take the following steps:

    • Log in to your existing LaunchDarkly account
    • Navigate to the team tab of your account settings
    • Scroll down to the bottom and click the button to Delete your account 
      • Please note that you can only delete your account if it is not associated with a subscription


    • You should now be able to accept the invitation from your team owner using your preferred email. 
    • If you're unable to delete your account, you also have the option of editing your email address from the profile tab of your account settings.

  • SSO: How do I provision users with specific roles?

    You can configure your identity provider to send `role` and `customRole` attributes when the team member is signing into LaunchDarkly.

    `role` is an optional attribute, which represents a built-in LaunchDarkly role. It must be one of reader, writer, admin. If unspecified, the default role is reader.

    `customRole` is another optional attribute. It must be a list of keys for custom roles to give to the team member. These will replace the member’s existing custom roles. If a member has any custom roles, they will supersede the built-in role.


  • Adding New Team Members with SSO/SAML

    When a team member tries to log in to a LaunchDarkly account which has SSO enabled, they should be redirected to login via your Identity Provider. If a team member is prompted for a password, this indicates that an account has not yet been provisioned for that team member.

    LaunchDarkly does not support automatic provisioning of new team member accounts. To add new team members, the initial login must be done via a LaunchDarkly application set up in your Identity Provider. Once that step has been taken, the account will be created. On subsequent logins, the team member will be redirected to your IdP when attempting to log in via the LaunchDarkly website.

    If you get an error saying that you can't join because the email is part of an existing account, then you should follow the steps in this knowledge base article and then try logging in through your IDP again: https://support.launchdarkly.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002410848

    Read more about user provisioning in our documentation here.

  • What happens if I have multiple custom roles with conflicting policies?

    If a team member has multiple custom roles, we iterate through each role and see if it will approve the action. If so, the action is approved immediately. If the role denies a certain action, we continue to iterate through the remaining roles to see if any of those roles approve that action. 

    In short, if a user has a custom role that allows an action that another custom role denies, the action will ultimately be allowed.

  • I lost my Multi-Factor Authentication Code and Can't Log into my Account

    If MFA is enabled and you are locked out of your LaunchDarkly account, you can contact the LaunchDarkly owner or one of the admins at your company to get a reset code. Once you receive this reset code, you will need to head to your profile settings page and re-enable MFA using an authenticator app on your phone.

    Are you the account owner? Unfortunately, no one at your organization has sufficient permissions to reset your MFA. Reach out to support@launchdarkly.com and we'd be happy to assist you in regaining access to your account. 

    Read more about LaunchDarkly Multi-factor Authentication in our documentation here 

  • What happens if my credit card payment fails?

    You will be notified via email if your credit card payment fails. We have a 30 day grace period intended to allow you plenty of time to sort out any payment failures.

    In the event this grace period expires, you will not lose connection to the LaunchDarkly service. Your users will continue to receive the correct variations for their flags. The impact is that you will hit a paywall when trying to log into your LaunchDarkly account. This will prevent your team from being able to manage LaunchDarkly resources from the UI, so if you need longer to sort out your payment issues it is important to reach out to our support team as soon as possible so that we can accommodate you.

    Please contact support@launchdarkly.com if you have any concerns or require any additional support or information regarding a payment failure. We're here to help.

  • How can I change the owner of my LaunchDarkly account?

    Please have the current owner email support@launchdarkly.com to request the change of ownership. The owner role is the only role that is unable to be changed by an admin of your LaunchDarkly team. Include the email of the team member who you would like to designate as the new owner and we will set this team member as the new owner, and give the former owner admin privileges. 

    Support may need to reply before making the change to confirm this request is coming from you. It's easiest to verify your identity if the owner submits the request while they are logged in to their LaunchDarkly account.

    All other roles aside from the owner can be changed from the team tab. The owner or any admins can navigate to this page and hit the "edit" button next to the team member whose role you would like to change. 

  • When I delete a team member, what happens to the resources they created?

    Deleting a team member will not cause any impact to feature flags or other shared resources that the member created. The names of the deleted members will remain in the audit log even after they have been removed. Flags that the member maintained will have their maintainer set to null, which is safe.

    If you remove a team member from your account, their personal API access tokens will be invalidated. We recommend updating integrations to use new access tokens before offboarding team members.

    LaunchDarkly team members can be deleted from the team tab of your LaunchDarkly account settings. There is also a REST API endpoint for deleting team members.

  • Can you provide a list of Firewall, Whitelists or other network requirements we may need?

    Our SDKs hit multiple endpoints in the LaunchDarkly domain, including app.launchdarkly.comevents.launchdarkly.comstream.launchdarkly.com, and clientstream.launchdarkly.com.

    The IPs in use are subject to change, so we recommend whitelisting by domain rather than by IPs. If you do require IPs, you are encouraged to build automation against our public IP list, which is further documented in LaunchDarkly API documentation. All SDK traffic to LaunchDarkly uses port 443 (HTTPS).